Certification Process & Internal Control System

How We Choose Farmers

Group of farmers from certain areas who do not use any kinds of chemicals either fertilizer or pesticide are chosen for ICS process. For this our ICS officers visit farmers’ farm and their home without any prior notice. Then their store rooms and farms are checked thoroughly to see if they use any kind of chemicals on their fields and then after they are interviewed. After confirming that they do not use any kind of chemicals, they are contracted by forming farmers group if they wish to get involved in Organic farming. Contract will be done with both farmers group and farmers for Organic farming. If there is Co-operative, farmers group will be replaced by it. Only then do we carry out baseline surveys and begin trainings related to Organic Cultivation and rules and regulations related to Organic Certification Process.

Our ICS (Internal Control System) Process

All farmers field and their agricultural practices are in direct observation and control of the company. Our ICS officers visit each and every farm and farmers at least three times a cropping system to keep track of the activities done by the farmers. These activities are recorded in Farmers Diary provided to each farmer. Literate farmers themselves record their activities such as method of FYM preparation used, time of seed showing and so on and ICS officers checks if they have maintained correct record or not. In case of illiterate farmers, ICS officers records the activities performed by them for crop production. During each visit, ICS officer provide orientation to the farmers and provide suggestions if required.

External Inspector visit the farmers field at least once a cropping season and inspect the practices carried out by farmers. External Inspector inspects the field and check farmers diary and tally the farmers’ diary with farmers’ activities. If ICS officer and external inspector find any farmer using any kind of chemicals on their fields, then these farmers are rejected or eliminated from our list and the company does not buy their produce as Organic.

Orientation and Trainings to farmers

Orientation and Training are provided to every farmer on Organic Production Methods and rules and regulation which they should follow for Organic Certification by our Organic Farming and Organic Certification expert.

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