The Taste of Nepal: Establishing an organic certified value chain of Nepalese spices for export to the EU market

Affiliated Parties: The Organic Valley Pvt Ltd, The Organic Village BV, GIZ Nepal, , Delphi Organics

Project Area: Surkhet, Kailali, Rukum, Salyan, Dang, and Pyuthan

Project Period: 15th December 2015 to 14th December 2019

Status: Completed

This development partnership contributes towards fulfilling (Millennium Development Goal) MDG 1, poverty reduction and MDG 7, environmental sustainability.

Project Objective: The project has targeted for following objectives;

  1. The average annual  net  income  of at  least 500  households will  be  increased  through trading of spices by at least 50%  at the end of the partnership.
  2. In total  at  least  1200  tons  of fresh  spices  will  yearly  be  sourced  from  farmers .
  3. 500 farmers  are  capacitated  to  undergo  and  to  pass  the  necessary  organic certification.

Expected Results/Activities:

  1. Establish a joint venture company under FDI rules and regulations in Department of Industry (DOI)
  2. Purchase of equipment
  3. Prepare and apply for organic certification for pocket areas and for processing facility
  4. Adapt the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Training Manual in Nepalese context
  5. Conduct training on GMP to the staff of processing unit
  6. Implement Internal Control System (ICS) according to EU standard for Organic Farming
  7. Prepare for HAACP Certification of the processing facility
  8. Financial literacy/management need dissemination to 500 farmers and the staff of involved cooperatives/producer groups
  9. Organic farming training for 500 farmers:
    • Organic growth promoters training
    • Organic farming principles (organic plant nutrition/fertilization, biological pest control, etc.)
    • Post-harvest handling, storage and logistics
    • Seed production
  1. Develop seed/Rhizome of Ginger and Turmeric in the village


  1. As of the end line survey done by GIZ Nepal, it is reported that the annual average net income of listed baseline 501 farmers has increased by 74.85%.
  2. 765 farmers and 120 hectare of land from Surkhet, Rukum, Salyan and kalilai/Doti have been organic certified through this project.
  3. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) was developed and implemented.
  4. The processing unit of The Organic Valley has been ISO 9001:2015 + HACCP certified.
  5. 662 farmers along with staffs involved in cooperative of Surkhet, Kailali, Rukum and Salyan were given training on Organic Farming including Organic growth promoters training, Organic farming principles (organic plant nutrition/fertilization, biological pest control, etc, Post-harvest handling, storage and logistic Seed production.
  6. 662 farmers along with staff involved in the cooperation of Surkhet, Kailali, Rukum and Salyan were given training on Final Literacy/Management.
  7. Seed distribution to farmers for upcoming season.
  8. Farmer’s exposure visit to Meghalaya, India.